At Sea

Puerto Vaquería – Puerto Inglés

To make this tour it is necessary to take a boat to the sector of Puerto Vaquería from where the route to Puerto Inglés begins. The route is difficult and has no signage or demarcated road, but to live the experience of going into the forests of ferns and lumas, climbing the hills and then descending to Puerto Inglés is a great adventure.


Town – Puerto Inglés

Very closed to the town, Puerto Inglés is an area with multiple attractions that can be easily accessed by boat. There is a shelter in a cave that would have been used by Alexander Selkirk, and on a hill behind the stone house there are some cannons that belonged to the ship “Unicornio” of the unsuccessful expedition “La Herradura” in 1760.

Town – French Port

Puerto Francés can be described as a rocky beach at the end of a large ravine, surrounded by orange hills and forests of endemic species. In this place, you can find the largest amount of native flora of the island, being very popular among the botanic specialists and lovers of flora and fauna.

From this sector there is a tourist route to the lower part of Cerro La Piña, where you can enjoy a panoramic view to the other end of the island, and also a circuit ot the La Pascua hill, where a lush forest of lumas is combined with the cliff to the El Verdugi Islet. Both make up a natural attraction of unparalleled beauty.


Town – El Padre Bay

El Padre Bay is the palce of arrival and boarding of passengers, connected through the sea with Cumberland Bay in approximately 2 hours by boat. The bay is surrounded by majestic yellow earth cliffs, colonies of two-hair sea lions, an islet known by the name of El León and a rock formation called La Capilla. The sector is also used as anchorage for fishing boats in adverse weather conditions.

Town – El Arenal

It corresponds to an area which sporadically accumulates a large amount of sand, forming a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs inhabited by sea lion colonies. This formation will depend on the prevailing winds that mainly occur between the months of December and February.

This spot has a descent infrastructure to the beach where you can find a picnic area. You can reach the attraction in a self-guided way.